Stiletto 2 Go

Stiletto 2 Go

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This sole-saving emergency kit is perfect for the girl on the go. Stiletto 2 Go comes with all the Foot Petals favorites that can fix any shoe dilemma. You never know when or where you need to be rescued, but you'll be thankful that you had your Stiletto 2 Go close at hand... or foot.

Because you never know when you'll have a shoemergency...

Suggested places to keep your Stiletto 2 Go:

Car - Desk - Gym bag - Locker - His place - Perfect for travel

Kit Contains:

1 pair Tip Toes/1 pair Heavenly Heelz/1 pair Sole Stopperz/8 Strappy Strips/Foot Petals tin

Discontinued Line/ Unbeatable Value at this Price

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Colour Black

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