About us

Foot Trends is a Melbourne based Business that imports well known brands from the U.K and U.S.A for the Footwear Industry.

Foot Petals were developed by Tina Aldatz, C.Ped

Foot Petals were created for those of you that have a love-hate relationship with your shoes. They provide virtually invisible cushions that make your shoes more comfortable and stop annoying painful issues. They are made of Poron performance urethane, a non-latex, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly material. Poron is a breathable, open cell material which allows air to escape, keeping your feet cool and dry. Foot Petal are three times lighter and thinner than gel and come with a lifetime guarantee. Plus they are fun and fashionable, coming in designer colors and pretty, but functional shapes. You don't have to suffer to be beautiful!

Tina?s inspirational story is as followers;

"After years of working in the fashion industry and endless hours of walking in painful shoes, I knew there had to be a better way.

My goal was to create a pretty solution to this ugly problem. With extensive research, design, and engineering, I created Foot Petals, the original designer shoe cushions.

Now women everywhere can walk in style and comfort. I have been so pleased with the response from fashion editors, celebrities and consumers that I am inspired to continue developing designer, solution-oriented products."

Working as a Special Events and Merchandising Director for BCBG Max Azria, Tina was always on the go. It was important for her to look stylish and feel comfortable and she refused to succumb to the skirt and sneaker look that many New Yorkers fall prey to, just for the sake of comfort. Tina was not about to give up her sexy heels or business chic pump so instead she bought orthopedic insoles and cut and pasted them to fit all her different shoe styles.

After being a fashion industry veteran for 11 years, Tina noticed there was something lacking in the marketplace for stylish women that enjoy wearing high heels, but still want to be comfortable. Convinced there was a solution to this ongoing problem, Tina found the perfect material in a U.S. factory. After testing the material, she found its benefits to be many and better than anything else being offer in stores.

Foot Petals was started in January 2001 and offers solution-orientated foot care and comfort products. Tina's goal in creating Foot Petals and Foot Petals products is to create something that would give long-lasting comfort and not take away from the look of designer shoes. Foot Petals is the original designer shoe cushion.

Always looking to discover new solutions, Tina has become a Certified Pedorthist, which is an individual trained in the modification of footwear and orthotics in accordance with medical prescriptions for the treatment of disease, injury or deformity.

After her 120 hour course for the State Board Certification, Tina learned about pedorthic assessment, lower extremity disorders, internal and external shoe modifications, orthotic fabrication, and foot anatomy. In other words, she is learned everything about her feet and those of her customers, so she can continue to create new ways for everyone to be even more comfortably chic.

If you are one on the many women that have a Love / Hate Relationship with those sexy Shoes, then check out Tina?s Tips on our home page.


Clean Heels was developed in the U.K. by Ally Stevenson, This year's top selling accessory for ladies! Top celebrities already have them on their heels. Imagine buying the perfect pair of high heeled shoes for a wedding, garden party, or a day at the races, only to find your new heels two inches deep in mud and grass, or stuck between decking. Another pair ruined!

Clean Heels can be worn at all Heritage Stately Homes to protect their floors. Simply put on a pair of Clean Heels stoppers, enjoy your day, then either dispose of them or rinse them off and pop them in your bag, ready for another day.