Foot Petals Foot Cushions are made from PORON Urethanes. They are exceptional performance materials designed to meet a broad range of rigorous applications and environments. From footwear and apparel to high impact cushioning and shock absorption in a variety of industrial products, PORON cushioning materials are light, flexible and enduring.

All PORON cushioning materials offer maximum retention of comfort and flexibility. They are lightweight, smooth to the touch, and offer the highest degree of comfort, over the greatest length of time. And, due to the quality and reliability of the PORON brand, you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort!

PORON cushioning materials do not break down like some other products on the market ? which means the protective cushioning in your shoe will be as effective on the last day you use it as it was on day one.

PORON urethanes are open-cell, breathable materials. They offer enhanced comfort in footwear by wicking away moisture from the body during use, then releasing the moisture vapor when not in use.

PORON urethanes are a division of Rogers Corporation, a global manufacturing company with over 175-year track record of market leadership and reliable performance. Rogers? flexible PORON materials are featured in a broad range of applications from shoes and clothing to outdoor gear and athletic equipment, and carry the long history of that makes Rogers the trusted name in our target industries.